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World-class experts spill their secrets on how to prepare for, respond to and resolve a crisis like a PR master. From having the right tools, to getting a rock-solid crisis plan in place, to managing the story, learn how to make your brand or client as resilient as possible!


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Molly McPherson

Owner, Molly + Co Communications 

The best handled crises are the ones you’ve never heard about.

We asked you, how has the importance of crisis comms changed for you in the last year? The response: 85% of PR and comms professionals agree that crisis comms management has grown in importance in the past year.

The Crisis Comms Mastery virtual summit is designed to empower PR and comms professionals and help them master all the stages of a crisis for successful resolution and brand resilience—no matter what stage of their career.

Explore sessions from all three tracks to make you or your client’s brand as resilient as possible.

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How you prepare for a crisis determines how you bounce back. Creating a crisis plan ahead of time is critical to your success. In this track, our experts delve into what’s required for creating and implementing a bulletproof crisis plan, and getting much-needed leadership and client buy-in.

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You’re in the thick of it now. How do you get your story heard? How do you manage the all-important message? In this track, our experts will discuss how to craft your message for both internal and external audiences, and how sticking to your capital ‘S’ story is important even during the storm.

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All the groundwork has been laid. The plan’s built. The client’s onboard. The message is ready. Now’s the time to prove you’re a master of the trade. In this track, our experts share how to put your plan into play and the much-needed steps to resolve and evaluate a crisis.

Discover the secrets to managing a crisis like a master for your clients or brand.

Lock in lifetime access to the Crisis Comms Mastery virtual summit!


Jane Shapiro headshot
Jane Shapiro headshot
Bradley Akubuiro, Crisis Comms Mastery Speaker


Presented by Agility PR Solutions, the Crisis Comms Mastery virtual summit brings together the best in the business to share their insights in a collection of panel discussions, presentations, and interviews about all things crisis comms. Sessions will cover topics ranging from preparing your crisis plan in advance of a crisis, managing your external and messaging before, during, and after a crisis, to getting leadership to respond, and lots more.

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