Accessibility Plan

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This multi-year Accessibility Plan is developed in accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. The plan describes the measures that Agility PR Solutions has undertaken over the period from 2012-2021 to identify, remove and prevent barriers to people with disabilities who work, learn, and participate within Agility PR Solutions’ environment, including staff, volunteers, and visitors.

Statement of Commitment

Agility PR Solutions is committed to providing services that are free of barriers and biases. Agility PR Solutions strives to ensure that key principles of independence, dignity, integration, and equality of opportunity are reflected and valued in our working environments. Our conduct will demonstrate our belief in the strength that diversity brings to our communities. It is the policy of Agility PR Solutions to provide an environment in all of its facilities that fosters independence, dignity, and respect for everyone. We are committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have the same opportunity of access to our services in a similar way as these services are available to all others we serve. We are committed to meeting the accessibility needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner, in the provision of services related to information, communication, employment, and in the accessibility to our facilities.

Barriers to be Addressed Under the Plan

Agility PR Solutions intends, through this multi-year Accessibility Plan for the period 2012-2021, to take action to address barriers to accessibility related to the standards areas of current regulations.

Review and Monitoring

Each year, the Human Resources department will review progress and evaluate the effectiveness of implementation of barrier-removal and prevention strategies, and will work closely with other departments to plan for increased accessibility throughout Agility PR Solutions.

Communication of the Plan

The Plan will be posted on Agility PR Solutions intranet and on the website (under “Accessibility”). It will be available in accessible format upon request. Questions, comments, or feedback regarding the Accessibility Plan may be directed to: Marcus Duquette, Director of Human Resources, Agility PR Solutions using the Contact us form.


2013-2021 Plan

Accessibility Standard Requirements Deadline Actions
Customer Service Providing accessible customer service to people with disabilities. Create and share accessible customer service plan/policy January 2012
  • Create a policy
  • Add feedback option on website
  • Post the policy on intranet and on Agility PR website
  • Offer in accessible formats upon request
Train employees on accessible customer service January 2012
  • Train all current employees
  • Keep training log
  • Train new employees (ongoing)
File Accessibility Compliance Report December 2012
  • Complete online report to confirm that Agility PR met all requirements under this standard
Employment Helping employees with disabilities stay safe. Review workplace emergency response information January 2012
  • Review emergency information and determine who needs help
  • Prepare individualized emergency plans as required (ongoing)
  • Document plans and provide to fire department
General Requirements Applicable to all standards under the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR). Create and share accessibility policies January 2014
  • Create a statement of commitment
  • Publish on intranet and Agility PR website
  • Review internal policies to identify and remove barriers (ongoing)
Create and share a multi-year accessibility plan January 2014
  • Identify barriers
  • Create a multi-year plan
  • Publish on intranet and Agility PR website
  • Review every 5 years
Train employees on Ontario’s accessibility laws and on the Human Rights Code as it relates to people with disabilities January 2015
  • Send out online training modules to all staff
  • Conduct specific training sessions related to employees’ duties
  • Train new employees (ongoing)
Information and Communication Making information accessible for people with disabilities. Accessible website and web content January 2014
  • New stand-alone websites (e.g. campaign landing pages) will conform to WCAG 2.0. Level A
  • Website guidelines will be updated to reflect the new requirements
Make feedback accessible January 2015
  • All Agility PR questionnaires, surveys, and feedback forms will be available in accessible formats or with communication supports upon request (e.g. large print or by phone)
Make information accessible to the public January 2016
  • Assess current formats and reduce barriers where possible
  • Provide accessible formats and communications supports as quickly as possible, and at no additional cost when a person with a disability asks for them
Employment Making accessibility a regular part of finding, hiring, and supporting employees with disabilities. Information for employees January 2016

Make workplace information accessible to employees

  • Upon request, provide accessible formats for information needed to perform the work and for general information that is available to all employees

Inform employees about Agility PR policies for supporting employees with disabilities

  • Share new/updated policies and information
  • Include accessibility information in orientation for new employees
  • Let job applicants know that recruitment and hiring processes will be modified to accommodate their disabilities, if requested
Organizational processes to accommodate employees January 2016

Develop accommodation plans for employees with disabilities

  • Create a policy outlining when and how accessibility plans will be developed
  • Identify employees with disabilities who require accommodation
  • Create, record, and review individual plans
  • Take into account the accessibility needs of the employees to make performance management, career development, and job changes more accessible

Support employees who have been away from work because of a disability

  • Develop return to work practices to help employees who require disability-related accommodation upon their return
Built Environment Make new or redeveloped service counters, fixed queuing guides, and waiting areas accessible January 2017
  • Agility PR will include accessibility for people with disabilities into plans to build any new or major changes to existing features
File Accessibility Report June 2021
  • Review internal policies and requirements
  • Continue to train new employees (ongoing)
  • Continue to include accessibility for people with disabilities into plans to build any new or major changes to existing features

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