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Prepare. Respond. Resolve. Become a crisis master.

World-class experts spill their secrets on how to prepare for, respond to and resolve a crisis like a PR master. From having the right tools, to getting a rock-solid crisis plan in place, to managing the story, learn how to make your brand or client as resilient as possible!

Get unlimited access to all the sessions for just $297

Get unlimited access to all the sessions for just $297

The best handled crises are the ones you’ve never heard about.

We asked you, how has the importance of crisis comms changed for you in the last year? The response: 85% of PR and comms professionals agree that crisis comms management has grown in importance in the past year.

The Crisis Comms Mastery virtual summit is designed to empower PR and comms professionals and help them master all the stages of a crisis for successful resolution and brand resilience—no matter what stage of their career.

Okay, but what is an All-Access Pass?

Not to be dramatic, but it’s freedom. Freedom to go back and catch what you missed and revisit what you loved. With lifetime access to the sessions you can:


Catch what you missed

Over 15 sessions is a lot to fit it into 48-hours. With the All-Access Pass you can watch any session anytime, without limit. Instead of having to be selective, say yes to it all.


Revisit what you loved

With an All-Access Pass, you know that your favorite sessions will be waiting for you whenever you need a knowledge refresh or want to revisit an insight.


Enjoy the bonuses

If getting access to the knowledge of 15+ industry experts isn’t enough, with the
All-Access Pass you’ll also receive hundreds of dollars’ worth of exclusive bonuses.

What you get with your All-Access Pass

Unlimited access and amazing bonuses

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Lifetime access to all the sessions ($297 value)

Say yes to it all. Watch and re-watch
to your heart’s content.

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MP3 recordings of all the sessions ($200 value)

Load them on your phone
to listen and learn on the go.

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$100 off your next Bulldog PR Awards entry

Get the recognition you deserve with a Bulldog PR Award—and save on your entry fee.

Discount on our next Earned Media Mastery virtual summit All-Access Pass ($50 Value)

Get an exclusive discount on the purchase of our next Earned Media Mastery virtual summit’s All-Access Pass.

Total value of $944

Upgrade now for just $297

An unbeatable guarantee

Try an All-Access Pass for a full two weeks, 100% risk-free.

Watch all the sessions. Take your time. If it’s not everything you hoped it would be, we will happily refund your money and part ways as friends, no questions asked.

Lock in the best price on your All-Access Pass today

Don’t wait until it’s too late…

Don’t wait until the event ends before realizing that, “Actually, I do want to watch that session again.” Get your All-Access Pass for the reduced price and guarantee unlimited access to watch your favorite sessions again and again (and again and again and again).

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© Agility PR Solutions LLC    ·    All Rights Reserved.

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