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From First Draft to Final Draft in No Time at All

Create press releases and media outreach faster than ever with PR CoPilot™, our AI-powered writing assistant


Get a head start with the click of a button

Enter up to 10 key messages and PR CoPilot will create an accurate and relevant first draft for your press release or outreach email.

Include the quotes that matter most

Easily add your most important quotes from key executives and influencers to your pre-draft prompts.

Fine-tune your output

Select the format, tone, and length of your release or email with just a few clicks.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

Not happy with PR CoPilot’s draft? No problem! Regenerate output at the click of a button, creating a new original draft using the same key messages.


See PR CoPilot in Action

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–  Chris Turnbull, Public Relations Manager, Carilion Clinic

Agility PR Solutions gives us rapid access to information on who is covering what topics. We've realized greater productivity with our media relations, and can get in front of a broader media audience.

Liz Goar, NPC Creative Services

By far the simplest and most intuitive platform our agency has used so far. We love the way it's designed and set up, and that it is so easy to follow.

Paula Conway, Astonish!